Picture a place awash in vivid color. Where life is bold and vibrant. It’s Carina Pointe at Valley Vista, not just brand-new single-family homes, but a brand-new way to live within the city of North Las Vegas. The Valley Vista Master Plan has its own rhythm, and you set the pace. When you want to take it slow, find a path and follow it to a community park. Relax in the green shade and be rejuvenated. Because life here, in the middle of everything, is always moving forward, vibrant and connected, carrying you into the future. What says home to you? Maybe it’s the luxury of single-story living, waking up just steps from the open kitchen (talk about a short morning-coffee commute). Or choosing to include a private guest suite to welcome friends for a long, sunny weekend. Maybe it’s having a master suite walk-in closet so big, frequent shopping trips hardly make a dent in it. Or a big, open kitchen with a walk-in pantry so every ingredient you need for dinner parties is at your fingertips. Carina Pointe’s style is all about being open?open plans, wide-open doors, and windows to catch the summer breeze, open spaces perfect for indoor and outdoor entertaining. Finding your new home in Carina Pointe at Valley Vista will open your life to new opportunities, new moments, new reasons to celebrate.

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