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When you’re in the market for a newly constructed home, 702 Premier Properties and its team will help you understand how available options will affect the value of your new homes. Floor plan, lot location, square footage and upgraded amenities all play a big role in determining a home’s value and sale ability in the future. We will negotiate with the builder and research all builder incentives you may be able to receive.

The impact of hiring an experienced Realtor to represent you in your new home purchase will last well into the future. We may be able to negotiate with the builders lender to get more favorable financing terms for you. Concessions for things like landscaping, upgrades, and closing costs are also many times on the table for negotiations. Builders hire agents to represent their best interest and home buyers should do the same and the best part is, commissions are paid by the Builder!

Many times home buyers walk into a new home subdivision causing them to lose the option of hiring a Realtor that has their best interest at hand. Before you shop for a brand new home, please contact us today for a free consultation!


Why Buy Brand New?

  1. Always Move-In Ready
  2. Pick Your Upgrades
  3. Builder Warranty & Incentives
  4. Great Communities in new Great Areas
  5. No Bidding Wars


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